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Cape Engineering supplies was established in 2007 by Russell and Lana Benadie. We are a family run business serving the industrial market segment which forms our core business. We distribute a vast range of products within daily use in any workshop environment. Some of the products we are specialists in are welding machines & welding accessories, power tools and accessories ,

Our mission is to provide quality industrial products with exceptional service so you can become more profitable.

We pride ourselves on a solid reputation and proven track record of offering the best solutions and service to the engineering trade across Africa.

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Established in 2007 by Russell and Lana Benadie, its located in Maitland, Cape Town Western Cape Province With total assets of R200 million and a land area of 58,600 M².It enjoys a good production and operation environment .Read More+
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Every Product Every Brand One Supplier Cape Tool Engineering is the top factory grade distributer of solar lighting tower
The installation of various ancillary facilities required for the normal operation of diesel generator sets shall meet the following requirements:...
Jul 03
The impact of the use factors is multifaceted, such as the quality of fuels and lubricants, the speed and load of the diesel engine, environmental conditions an...
Jul 02
All screens that can be locked should be locked when the diesel generator set is running. The key should be controlled by a special person. Do not leave the key...
Jul 01
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