Extending the service life of diesel generators
Jul 03, 2019

For diesel generator sets, if they want to extend their life, they should be properly maintained to reduce the wear of their parts. The root cause of the damage of the parts is not only the improper use of the machine, but also the maintenance. Timely and incorrectly caused. Therefore, in the usual use and maintenance of diesel generators, these three points need to be known.

1. About refueling: Strictly implement the fuel precipitation filtration system. The fuel oil to be injected should be taken at least after 48 hours of sedimentation; the diesel used should meet the standard model specified in the season; the refueling tool should be cleaned. The place for refueling and oil storage should also be cleaned.

2. Regarding technical maintenance and repair specifications: the fuel filter works for 100 hours, the fuel tank works for 500 hours, and each time it is cleaned; if the filter core breakage effect is found to be replaced in time; the DC oil supply should not be removed and the parts are in normal working conditions. Work for 500 hours should be disassembled and inspected once, and the site, hand, tools and cleaning oil should be cleaned during the disassembly and inspection to avoid contamination of the parts. Do not tamper with the disassembly during the disassembly operation. It should be washed together with other non-coupling parts; the assembly position should not be changed at random to meet certain requirements that do not meet the requirements of the machine; when the oil valve tight seat and the oil nozzle tight cap are installed, they should be tightened according to the specified torque. Ensure that the assembled injector and fuel injection pump are in good technical condition.

3, on the improvement of the understanding of the dual-piece: understand the structural characteristics and working principle of the coupling; strengthen and improve the maintenance, operation and use of the dual-piece; do not:

(1) Do not adjust at will when there is no fault;

(2) Do not disassemble during maintenance;

(3) Do not play indiscriminately during maintenance inspection;

(4) Do not mess with the cleaning and maintenance;

(5) When assembling and adjusting, do not mess up and change.

Being able to notice and do the above, the wear of the diesel generator set is naturally small, and its life is naturally extended.

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