Precautions for the purchase of diesel generator sets
Jul 01, 2019

Nowadays, the diesel generator sets on the market can be described as different, and some friends are always cheaper to buy in order to save some money. However, if the diesel generator set is not very well understood, it is best to have a professional to accompany the purchase, and the police will be deceived.

1, just say a "power", not to mention the relationship between the rated power of the diesel generator set or the backup power, the reserve power is said to be rated power to sell a customer, before buying, you must understand that the backup power can only be 12 hours. Running for one hour, the backup power is approximately 1.1 times the rated power.

2. It is necessary to understand that KVA is the apparent power, KW is the effective power, and the KVA power is equal to 0.8 times of KW power. Therefore, when purchasing the diesel motor unit, the KVA power must be converted into KW power.

3, the second-hand refurbished diesel engine group as a new generator set to sell a customer, or some parts of the diesel generator set use second-hand, some users who do not understand the diesel generator set can not be separated is not a refurbished machine, and finally fooled Being cheated.

4. In order to reduce the cost, some merchants configure the power of the diesel engine and the power of the generator to be the same. According to the industry regulations, in order to reduce the mechanical loss, the power of the diesel engine is at least 10% higher than the power of the generator. The failure rate of diesel generators will increase and the life expectancy will be shorter.

5, has been talking to customers about price issues, not to mention the specifications of diesel generator sets, brand and after-sales service, generally low-priced diesel generator sets have problems, cheap, good goods are not cheap