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Electrical Maintenance Safety Of Diesel Generator Sets
Jul 01, 2019

All screens that can be locked should be locked when the diesel generator set is running. The key should be controlled by a special person. Do not leave the key in the lock hole.

In an emergency, all personnel must be able to use the correct method of treating electric shock. It is best for the staff to be trained and recognized.

Insulation tools must be used regardless of who is connecting or disconnecting any part of the circuit at work.

The circuit must be secured before turning the circuit on or off.

Metal objects are not allowed to rest on the diesel generator engine starter motor battery or left on the terminal block.

When a strong current flows to the battery terminal, an incorrect connection causes a molten metal flow. Any lead wire from the positive pole of the battery must be insured (except for the wiring of the starter motor of the diesel generator set) and then led to the control device, otherwise a short circuit will cause serious consequences.