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Installation Of Ancillary Facilities For Diesel Generator Sets
Jul 03, 2019

The installation of various ancillary facilities required for the normal operation of diesel generator sets shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The installation requirements for the oil, water and gas path required by the generator are the same as those for the diesel engine.

(2) The battery and charger should be installed close to the position of the electric motor, and the connecting wires should be as short as possible.

(3) The connection cable between the generator and the control panel, as well as all control instrument wiring, should be installed correctly, straightened, and avoiding tortuosity. It is best to lay in the slot plate or trench.

(4) The control panel of the 190 series diesel generator set should be installed in the operation room less than 10m from the unit.

(5) Between the control panel of the 190 series diesel generator set and the power distribution room, cables or copper bars can be connected according to different conditions of the user.