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Mobile Trailer Generator Set Features
Jun 28, 2019

1. Significant low noise performance, generator noise limit of 75dB (A) (1m away from the unit). 2. The overall design of the unit is compact, small in size and novel in appearance. 3, multi-layer shielding impedance mismatched sound insulation cover. 4, high-efficiency noise reduction multi-channel intake and exhaust, air inlet and outlet channels to ensure sufficient power performance of the unit. 5. Large impedance compound silencer. 6, large-capacity fuel oil. 7, special quick opening cover, easy maintenance.

The mobile trailer type generator set can be divided into a hand-push type vehicle generator set, a three-wheeled vehicle generator set, a four-wheeled vehicle generator set, a car power station, a trailer power station, a mobile low noise power station, a mobile container power station, and an electric engineering vehicle.