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Mobile Trailer Generator Set Precautions
Jun 30, 2019

Before maintenance or genset repair, hang on the start switch or lever - "No operation" or similar warning sign. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to approach the engine while the generator set is being serviced or repaired. Press the emergency stop button of the genset control panel and the generator output switch should be in the OFF position. According to the needs of working conditions, wear a helmet when entering the generator set installation site. Wear protective eyes and other protective equipment when wearing protective clothing. If you are running the engine in a sealed place, wear a device that protects your ears to prevent damage. Do not wear oversized protective clothing and jewelry at work. These may be hung on the joystick or other parts of the engine. Verify that all guards or covers are securely in place on the engine. Be careful when using all cleaning agents. Do not place the maintenance solution in a glass container because the glass container is easily damaged.