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What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To When Running Diesel Generator Sets
Jun 27, 2019

Check before operation:

First, the appearance check: whether the outside of the engine is damaged, missing parts, screws are loose, the generator output line or control line is damaged or not.

Second, the fuel system:

○1 Is the fuel quantity sufficient, and the wiring piping is leaking or the pipe is loose (etc.) to remove the air from the fuel system.

○2 Lubrication system: Is the engine oil sufficient? The engine that is reloaded after the new engine or overhaul must be implemented for the following 50 hours of initial operation.

○3 maintenance:

A. Engine oil is replaced.

B. Replace the engine oil filter.

C. Engine diesel filter replacement.

D. Check and adjust the valve clearance.

E. Check the external screws of the engine.

Third, the cooling system: Is the amount of water cooling the radiator enough? Add a rust inhibitor.

Fourth, the battery: Is the electrolyte of the battery in the normal liquid level? Is the voltage correct? Is the connector loose?

5. Is the charger working properly?

6. Exhaust system: Whether the silencer is damaged or not, and whether the exhaust pipe is installed firmly.

7. Do not store flammable materials or sundries around the unit.

8. Is the ventilation of the generator room good?

Nine, noisy people, etc. Do not enter the machine room at will.